The Truth About Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris! Tribestan!tribulus-terestris

Accept No Imitations!

Tribestan. The Original Bulgarian Tribulus. Tribestan is developed by Sopharma Pharmaceuticals of Bulgaria and is a patented product with over 30 years of research. Tribestan was the first Bulgarian Tribulus extract launched to the public in the 70’s! Unfortunately many companies over the years have jumped on the bandwagon.

The product development team at Sopharma took over 16 years to extensively research and develop this unique extract. The active ingredients turned out to constitute a new type of physiologically active substance! This substance was crowned Tribestan and still remains the most sought after natural testosterone boosting supplement in the world today.

For years, Tribestan has been used by athletes of the Soviet Bloc. The Bulgarian Powerlifters used it extensively with since the 70′s and is the reason why they dominated Powerlifting over the years! The most potent amongst any natural testosterone boosting supplements! Best selling testosterone booster in the world for over 30 years!

In 1976, the product was made available but only in Eastern Europe, then worldwide in 1985. The National Weightlifting team were taking the supplement. It was only available to athletes through the sports association. You couldn’t just buy it in the pharmacy. All the weightlifters used it in conjunction with steroids and especially when they stopped their steroid cycles.

Tribestan by Sopharma. Sopharma is the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Tribestan®. They developed the technology to extract the protodioscin and protogracillin (the active ingredients in Tribestan to make the patented Tribestan® the strongest and purest Tribulus extract in the world!

Tribestan has passed all the drug tests at every competitive level and has been used with significant results by top professional athletes with no toxicity and no side effects. It has a perfect safety profile and a 100% natural herbal origin with over 30 years of research. Many of our customers are top level professional bodybuilders, cyclists and various olympic athletes. Worlds best selling testosterone booster and top selling tribulus.

Do not be fooled by tribulus based products offering high levels of Protodioscin and Saponins! Unfortunately todays supplement industry is flooded with many cheap Tribulus Terrestris brands which have tried to imitate Tribestan over the years. Many companies use cheap Indian/ Chinese tribulus and add small quantities of Bulgarian Tribulus! Tribestan is 100% pure and the original patented brand!

For your own benefit do not accept any imitations.

There are many imitated TRIBULUS TERRESTRIS products available which are not effective.

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