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Tribestan Tribulus terrestris in erectile dysfunction and impotence.

Erection problems, erectile dysfunction and male infertility

Problems with erections and erectile dysfunction in men is very frequent nowadays, the scale reaches its horizons all over the world and are highly expressed only in Bulgaria.

The reasons for this problematic condition may be too many, ranging from diseases of the cardiovascular level, problems with metabolism, neurological problems, psychological basis, various diabetes, etc. Besides health problems cause erection problems may exist and daily stress overload and excessive, indiscriminate eating unhealthy foods and subsequent weight gain, frequent usage of spirits and of course the lack of daily traffic and minimize physical activity.
Problems with erections and erectile dysfunction lead to unnecessary physical and mental imbalance, but also turns and often a huge problem in families.
Nowadays it is believed that over 160 million men worldwide have serious problems with erection, as the trends are up to 2030 that number to double. Sad and poor prognosis, but scientists say.

One of the main problems that lead to conditions such as erectile dysfunction have low testosterone levels in men. Scientific studies have shown exactly that low or high levels of testosterone in men respectively influenced differently. Lack of self-esteem and mood and desire for intercourse are signs of low testosteorn.
Conducting daily intake of Tribestan / Tribulus terrestris extract form as a dietary supplement within 60-90 days significantly improves these adverse conditions and exiting the position of erectile dysfunction.

How does Tribulus terrestris / Tribestan of our body?

Tribestanat is rich in active ingredients – steroid sapononi, flavonoids, alkaloids, glycosides, and exactly these ingredients:
– Positively affect libido
– Stimulate the accumulation of muscle mass
– Support immunity
– Slow aging
– Have a strong effect adapogenen
– Regulate fat metabolism in the body and reduce levels of bad cholesterol
– Surely one of the best antioxidants
– Significantly improve mood and energy supply body
– Mainly stimulate the pituitary to release luteinizing hormone, which in turn plays a key and important role in the regulation of free testosterone and its production enhanced by Laidigovite cells in the testes.

Who exactly Tribestan / Tribulus terrestris should I choose?
It is understandable if you have difficulty in choosing the right product from our website. The reason why is that we have selected and we offer available only proven products from brands with high production processes.
Certainly the right choice is to choose manufacturers who have staked in the composition of its product extract Bulgarian Tribestan. The whole world knows, and we should be proud that the best and richest of active ingredients namely Bulgarian raw material of the herb Tribulus terrestris.

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