Contractubex GEL – 20g – Treating Scars Successfully – THE No.1 SCAR GEL


Contractubex GEL – 20g – Treating Scars Successfully – THE No.1 SCAR GEL

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Product Description

The No.1 scar gel*

Contractubex® is the world’s most popular scar treatment

Contractubex® has been treating scars successfully for over 50 years. It is the best-selling scar treatment in over 60 countries, and is regularly recommended by doctors all around the world.


The efficacy of Contractubex® has been proven in numerous clinical studies. Its unique combination of three active ingredients works its way deep into the scar, reducing scarring from within. The result: a nearly invisible scar.

Contractubex®’s effectiveness is also reflected in high patient satisfaction. The positive experiences of thousands of patients show that using Contractubex® scal gel really makes a difference, and scars can be treated successfully.

Contractubex Gel of 20 grams is a gel for the treatment of coarse, overgrowth, redness, swelling, limiting movement and cosmetic scars after surgery, amputation, burns and injuries. Contractubex has a softening and smoothing effect on cured, over-expanded, painful and cosmetically damaged skin tissue. The product has extract cleanser and allantoin, which enhance the softening effect. The water-soluble gelatine base of Contactubex promotes the deep penetration of active ingredients into the skin and thus provides an effective topical treatment.

If you have any further questions on the use of this product, ask your doctor.

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