Can-Women-Take-Tribulus-Terrestris1-750x400Learn everything you need for taking Tribulus terrestris women

More information and research in the medical world and sports have been made about how affects intake Tribestan of men, but how Tribulus terrestris affects women and is it necessary for them to take it, do not speak and write enough.
In this article we present a few facts supported by research on how to affect positive thinking, mood, libido and desire for sex in women, and the support of tribulis terrestris female urinary tract.

Increases the desire for intimacy

A study found that taking Tribestan women had a beneficial effect on their desire for intimacy in 49 of the 50 participating countries.
In another study are given extracts Tribestan of 30 women, and the other 30 women received placebo. Those who were given Tribestan have increased their desire for intimacy, arousal and satisfaction. Those who received placebo did not gain any of the studied parameters.
Taking the herb Tribestan also had a positive apical reciprocating circulating hormones because it stimulates androgen receptors in the brain.



Supports and increases energy in women

From the male perspective, women are often treated as an instrument to achieve a purpose or satisfy needs. We call them “fair sex” but this is not true. Most women play more than their prescribed role of the “fair sex”. These women are mothers caring wives, some of them work full time, and at the same time and the hosts should not forget that women are also human beings.
We all sometimes feel fatigue, be it physical or mental. There are studies that taken by women of the herb Tribulus terrestris or better known as Tribestan increases the flow of oxygen to the cells. This is one of the fundamental principles of higher energy reserves in the body. Yes, taking Tribestan will give you more energy for sure, but it can not replace the need for a long and healthy sleep. The herb is able to give you a little more energy and stamina, but not replace, complete relaxation.


For better mood

Frequent mood swings or other similar disturbances in emotional states a person can have an adverse effect on the overall condition of both women and men. Many people just under this paragraph do not want to be written medications by doctors, and also refuse to accept that mood disorders were not normal. Tribestan is an herb that can affect favorably the positive mood in women, also has a beneficial effect in stressful situations and frequent anxiety.

Support for urinary tract

Tribestan has pronounced diuretic effect, which means that the flow of urine is increased, which in turn clears the kidney, bladder, liver and urinary tract. This diuretic effect purifies waste and undesired deposits in the channels that often cause unpleasant burning and pain during urination. The release of fluids naturally increases elimination of excess toxins, often favorably affect your nanastroenieto and energy. The study, which quote the conclusion is clear – Tribestan can prevent the accumulation of sorrows stones in the urinary tract.


Taking Tribulus terrestris

We recommend targeting a selection of Tribestan in the form of capsules or tablets because you know exactly how much you are taking. Standardized extracts over 40% content of saponins are preferable for both women and men.
For women 250-500mg per day is optimal dose.
Men from 1000mg to 3-4000mg a day is ideal to extract the maximum effect of the herb.

The herb Tribulus terrestris or better known as Tribestan or granny’s teeth should not be taken by women who are pregnant or nursing.