6 Tips on using Tribestan muscle mass and fitness goals


First let me explain briefly what exactly is tribestan.

Tribestan more familiar our name in Bulgaria’s famous herb Tribulus terrestris and some call it even and Tribulus, to the west is known as grass of the devil, cat head, etc.
This herb can thrive anywhere but extremely important for dealing with fitness and muscle mass is aimed at this plant to be originating in Bulgaria or near Europe. The reason why is that extract Tribestan in Bulgaria is considered the most rich in active ingredients that trigger benefits for all men and women. In the Bulgarian extract of Tribulus terrestris steroid saponins content is highest, and right they have influence on male sex hormone testosterone, which in turn leads to an increase in muscle mass.

How exactly does tribestan?

In men once got into our body tribestanat stimulates the pituitary gland to release luteinizing hormone, which is the main regulator in the production of the hormone testosterone from Testino.
In women, the intake of Tribestan pushing up foliko-stimulating hormone and estradiol.

Just high levels of testosterone in men are the main culprit for the use of Tribestan / Tribulus terrestris fitness enthusiasts in periods to increase muscle mass. High levels of testosterone promote protein synthesis and muscle hypertrophy, leading to favorable conditions for the development of new muscle fibers and naturally sought from all the muscle mass is present. This is called anabolic environment because they stimulated a number of anabolic processes in the body. Anabolic processes in the body are those that are building and regenerating effect.
We are not talking about steroids or stuff like that, let’s be clear.

To upload muscle mass and improve your fitness accomplishments, we will give you some tips on how to ensure efficiency and 100% achieving results.

1. Selective manufacturers.

It is desirable when choosing a product containing Tribestan (Tribulus terrestris) be interested by the manufacturer. It is not advisable to buy from companies with unknown origin and location. Numerous food manufacturers add to globally offer its range, Tribulus terrestris, but few of them make their own studies, research purity of raw materials, etc. Ask us, we will give you information about everything that interests you and you can not find on the web.
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2.  Increase your intake

You do not have to always follow exactly what is written on the label by the manufacturer. Most of them recommended doses of 500mg to variety of 1000mg per day. A man who sports 3-4 times a week and has a busy life, it can safely accept a Tribestan 3000mg per day.

3. Diet

In this sport, and not only food is the most important thing. You can not eat like pigs and want to have the body of a Greek god. Testosterone levels, which did already the main key element in building muscle mass, they can not be at high levels if you eat daily nonsense and harmful foods.
Increase your intake of foods rich in protein – eggs, white and lean meat. Adjust systematically carbohydrate intake, it is desirable to be of useful resources, such as oatmeal, whole grains – pasta, bread, etc.
Fat is desirable to obtain from plant sources, it is most important to add the intake of Omega 3 in their diet.

4. Training

The long and lengthy workouts are not a friend of this, which aims to increase muscle mass.
Your workouts may be 3-4 times weekly by train each muscle group separately once a week. The intensity of your training process should be high, between sets can rest between 50 and 70 seconds and between different classes of 2 to 3 minutes, is desirable training should not be higher duration of 50-60 minutes.

5. Reception

Intake of Tribestan is desirable to carry out 3-4 times a day at regular intervals. It is important to know that every 5-6 hours is better to insert intake Tribestan because its half-life in the body thinks is about 7-8 hours. And taking it every 5-6 hours you will ensure constant supply of necessary components and therefore the effect will be much better.

6. Latest council

Remember – muscle mass is not easily corpse. We have perseverance and patience. With the right training, good food and proper nutritional supplements will ensure rapid accumulation of muscle mass.